OCR European Championship 2018 – Short Course

// The 2018 OCR European Championships //

The Danish Obstacle Course Racing Association (DOCRA) is proud to announce that the third edition of the OCR European Championships will be held in Denmark in the city of Esbjerg.

– Distance: 3 KM
– Officials

Tickets for the Short Course are separated into an elite division, an age group division and a journeyman division (There is no qualification requirement for the journeyman division).

In order to obtain tickets for the 2018 OCR European Championships elite division, age group division and the Team Relay, you must have been officially verified as a possible competitor and received an individual and personal verification code. 
Please be aware that a qualification for the elite entitles you to participate in either the elite or age group division. However an age group qualification only allows you to participate in your relevant age group division.
You get your qualifying result verified by the qualification team by filling out the form on the 2018 OCR European Championships website: https://ocreuropeanchampionships.org/qualification/

A list of the qualifying races and events can be found here: https://ocreuropeanchampionships.org/qualifying-events


Tilmelding til dette løb lukket.